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CISSP Bootcamp

PASSED! 10/2018

Sorry it took me so long to respond to this post! I did create a full article for everyone however. It was an intense week of 8 hour in class training and then I put in 5-6 hours studying after class each day, most nights until 1am.

I sequestered myself in the hotel and never left, while many others I saw leaving each day after class going out for some fun on the town, I decided to use that week to do nothing but focus on the exam.

I has scheduled to take the exam that same Saturday because I just wanted to get it over with and I felt I would be at my optimum then anyway. I arrived for the test two hours early and did two more practice tests before walking in and knocking it out of the park! I was so relieved, and felt I had earned it after all the hours I had put in.

I believe the key is to dedicate yourself to studying, oh and those other guys that went out each night, unfortunately they did not pass. Do the PRACTICE EXAMS until you feel like you cannot take it anymore! then do it some more. I didn't see a lot of the same questions on the real exam but it did put me in the right mindset, you have to be able to think not only technical but from an executive level as well. Sure all the best toys in the security world will do leaps and bounds to stop adversaries but it doesn't mean a hill of beans if your security budget is eating up all the revenue for the company!

How To Pass The CISSP Exam!