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Remediate Unquoted Paths

(put a computers.txt file, with all your computer names, in the same directory as the scripts)

To find and export all the bad keys into a .csv file use the command:

.\wrapper.ps1 -scriptpath .\Get-SVCPath.ps1 -name (Get-Content computers.txt) -throttle 20 | .\Find-BADSVCPath.ps1 | Export-CSV result.csv


To fix bad keys using the exported CSV file use the command:

Import-CSV result.csv | .\Fix-BADSVCPath.ps1


To find and remediate all bad keys all at once use the command:

.\Get-SVCPath.ps1 -name (Get-Content computers.txt) | .\Find-BADSVCPath.ps1 | .\Fix-BADSVCPath.ps1


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