SSID Tracker

SSID Tracker

If you've never seen this site you will be amazed how easily you can find the exact location of almost every WiFi network in the United States, simply

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If you’ve never seen this site you will be amazed how easily you can find the exact location of almost every WiFi network in the United States, simply search for an SSID that you know and find its location, or browse the map and identify WiFi networks all around you. It’s become a big competition among younger people competing for bragging right on how many WiFi SSID’s they can discover and report, they are called Stumblers. This can be used for many purposes, one for the positive is for security personnel to track down a bad agent via a known SSID. Prepare to peer into the dark side!

Check out the Wigle Network

  • Hint look for the toolbar at the very top of your browser, go to view and choose your search type. You need to either move the map around or zoom out far enough so that the area you are searching is within the view of the map. It’s like the map view is connected to what areas you want to use in your search.

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What has this project been used for?

Overall, WiGLE aims to show people about wireless in a more-technical capacity then your average static map or newspaper article.

Educating the Public: When WiGLE started in 2001 the default for wifi was to have no encryption at all. An end user had a choice to turn on weak encryption (40-bit WEP), or pay extra for slightly less weak encryption (128-bit WEP). Most users didn’t realize that their private networks could be accessed by anyone in the area (at various distances with antennas and amplifiers). WiGLE, and Wardriving in general, helped to educate users and put pressure on manufacturers to make network security better and easier. Now a days WPA2 is the standard and defaults to “on” for most manufactured devices.

Research Projects: We are often contacted by graduate students and professors to provide additional access or slices of data for research projects around wifi and security, which we attempt to help in any way we can. We’ve heard of research into subjects like WEP/WPA encryption distribution, information leaks from SSID probes, teaching wireless security concepts, geolocation from BSSID’s and more.

Site Surveys: Security professionals use WiGLE to monitor what businesses they consult for are broadcasting over wifi radios. If you have an insecure network you are vulnerable, whether or not it appears in WiGLE. But WiGLE could let you know that an employee or attacker has set up a rogue wifi router on your private network.

Journalism: WiGLE is a handy resource for journalists looking for data points on Wifi proliferation, statistics and security. WiGLE keeps statistics on manufacturer distribution, top SSID’s, encryption modes, channel selection, geographic distribution and much more.