Who Is The Code Asylum

When I first started The Code Asylum, people would ask me why did I choose that name? Imagine hours upon hours pulling your hair out trying to solve a problem only to discover you had missed a simple setting, or that unwanted space in a thousand lines of code! To be honest if you aren’t a little insane then you won’t last long in the fast moving world of technology, at least not with any dignity left in you. I founded The Code Asylum to provide a safe haven as you will, for technology evangelists like yourself, a place to share real world examples, codes, tips; basically anything to help us do our jobs a little better, faster, and more dignified.

So much of real world businesses are still in their infancy phase when it comes to adopting the enormous capabilities of automation through scripting. Our goal is to provide you the knowledge and tools to increase productivity, reduce human error, and by all means show your boss how valuable you are! I challenge each of you to help contribute, to leave something behind that you learned that helped you solve a problem that drove you insane.

The Code Monkeys are a group of tech evangelists from different facets including Systems Administrators, Developers, DBA’s, and Security Experts, that comprise what The Code Asylum is built upon. Do you have what it takes to become a Code Monkey, to rise to the challenge or helping others? Contact us if you think you’ve got what it takes to join our select team of professionals. Why the name Code Monkeys? If you have ever written code before you know what having that monkey on your back feels like, don’t you.